It helps to keep a blog updated.  So this is just a short (relatively so) post to show off a commercial I made for a contest back in the spring.

Some context:  the contest was sponsored by Warner Bros. and the producers of the feature film Watchmen, based on the groundbreaking graphic novel from the 1980s.  The film was directed by Zack Snyder, who also made 300.

One of the characters is Adrian Veidt, an industrialist whose company makes perfume, hair spray, toys, athletic shoes, and also runs an airline.  The task was to pick one of the products, download the graphics and assets provided, and build a commercial.

Mine was for the perfume Nostalgia.

I enhanced the perfume ball asset using Adobe AfterEffects, recorded the voice-over and assembled the music bed with Adobe Audition, and comped the entire piece with Adobe Premiere.

I didn’t get selected, but I did have fun doing it.  And showing it off, too.