I’ve spent the last two months on a contract technical writing gig, something brought me back to the skill that put me on this path to begin with.  My job was to coordinate the development of, and edit for clarity, a massive implementation guide for a major healthcare software company.

We developed an outline for the book, then the subject matter experts sent me their content.  I pasted it in, sent out a draft every day, got feedback, pasted more stuff in, sent out the next draft, wash, rinse, repeat.  Every Friday morning we held a long meeting to discuss the week’s work, clarify a few things, then start the whole process over again on Monday.

All told, the guide now stands at nearly 200 pages.  And there’s still one more chapter to complete.

Technical writing was (still is, apparently) my bread-and-butter skill, the basis for nearly every other skill I’ve developed since I landed my first tech writing  job in 1991 after spending five years as an English teacher (and five years prior to that in broadcasting).

Returning to it is like riding a bicycle.  It’s just harder to put baseball cards in the spokes.