Today’s entry in the Creative Freelancer Blog asks “Is ‘Freelancer’ a Negative Term?” 

The concern lies in the perception of what freelancers are in a job market that’s becoming tighter by the day:  are they considered talented independent professionals who can be called in to tackle the work that no one else on staff is qualified to do or handle the overflow of work from thinly-spread team members, or is “freelancer” code for “unemployable and ripe for the first multi-level marketer who is looking to shove someone into a blank spot in his downline.”  

According to the article, the trick is not to call yourself a freelancer.  Brand yourself as what you do:  technical communications specialist, e-learning developer, CBT producer, publication designer, information architect.  Give your little business a distinctive name that reflects what you do, and create a tagline.  Put it on a business card.  And the next time someone asks what do you do, tell them “I write for Words to Your Mother.  It’s a service that provides meaningful verses to a number of greeting card companies.”

Well. . .it’s better than saying you type stuff in your kitchen a few times a month for Hallmark on an old laptop while still in your bathrobe, scouring the job boards for your next gig.