So this blog’s been dark for a couple of weeks, but I have an excuse.  Sort of.  Let me explain (or in the words of Indigo Montoya, “No, there’s no time to explain.  Let me sum up.”)

About a year-and-a-half ago, a guy for whom I do the occassional voice-over gig – a local musician, producer, and jingle-writer named Joel Timothy – invited me and a few other local voice talents to read a few paragraphs from our favorite books.  Joel had been contacted by a man named Vince from an audiobook talent agency and editing house in Nashville called Living Pages.  Vince was trying to beef up his talent roster to score some audiobook narration gigs. 

More than a year later – actually, about three months ago – Living Pages sent me and Joel excerpts from several books that needed an audio version.  They were audition pieces.  I read them.  Got another batch or two of excerpts.  Read them, too.  Then came the news at the end of June:  Harper-Collins had chosen me to narrate the audiobook for Change by Design:  How Design Thinking Transforms Organizations and Inspires Innovation

So far we’ve recorded the introduction and first chapter.  The work isn’t too exhausting, but I can read for only about two hours before my voice phelgms up too much.  Joel pointed me to this little product to help.  The production is happening in Joel’s basement studio.  I’m recording it in a portable booth that has no air circulation, yet is surprisingly comfortable.  I read, Joel edits, then the file is sent down to Living Pages for mastering before it makes its way to Harper-Collins.  I’m also reading more audition pieces, too. 

I’ll keep you posted as this continues.  The entire book must be read and the audio file mastered by August 8th.  Can we do it? 

We’ll have to.