We’ve had half a century of Bond films.  And an essential part of the experience of each 007 movie is its theme song.  Fans of the franchise have their favorites.  Chris Queen lists his top five best and five worst here.

For the record, my top five are:

5. Moonraker  (1979) – Sung by the Mighty Dame Shirley Bassey, it’s a lovely ballad completely elbowed aside by a craptacular movie that represents a low point in the franchise.   It could stand on its own if the movie’s title had not been shoehorned into it.

4. “We Have All The Time in the World” from On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1969) – Not the main theme song, but another lovely ballad sung with heart and sentiment by Louis Armstrong.

3. Diamonds are Forever (1971) – Sexy and mysterious, once again sung by the Mighty Dame Shirley Bassey.

2. For Your Eyes Only (1981) – Sheena Easton on screen as she sings, bare-shouldered, tight curls in her hair shimmer as if she’s just emerged from a long, hot shower.  And the song’s a great pop ballad, too.

1. “You Know My Name” from Casino Royale (2005) – It announces the new Bond with an authority that gets in your faces and makes sure you know.  That is all.