Thirteen web sites recently won honors (or honours, as they’d say) from the British Design & Art Direction organization.  And this guy’s got his boxers in a bunch because 11 of those 13 use Flash.

Indeed, he does have a point about mobile devices eclipsing desktops and laptops.  That’s a given.  However, not all mobile devices are manufactured by Apple, and don’t have an issue with running Flash.  Adobe’s committed to the technology (even though it makes up a small part of its total product base), and it’s not going away (for awhile, at least).  A single technology might spur innovation, but if that technology closes itself off, others will rise to do the jobs it refuses to do.

And if a site makes excellent use of Flash, then what’s the problem?

(h/t:  John Dowdell)

And if you’re interested, here’s the boxer-bunching list.