Reading this piece by Pam Saxon on The Creative Freelancer Blog (which you should bookmark if you haven’t already), reminds me of the segments of The Music Man, when the four members of River City’s School Board (who just happen to become the town’s barbershop quartet as the movie progresses) keep pestering Professor Harold Hill for his credentials.  He distracts them by getting them to sing.  And suddenly they’re in the blissful throes of four-part harmony while the need for Hill’s credentials is, once again, forgotten.  He slips by them again.

But how about the other way around?  What if we need to check a client’s references or credentials and we get a run-around?  How can we be sure we’re dealing with someone who wants the work and will pay for it?  And what if they get us singing four-part harmony (even though it would be really hard because A) some of us probably can’t sing, and B) it’s hard to sing four-part harmony when you’re a solo. . .unless you have multiple personalities with their own set of vocal chords)?

Read the whole thing.

And speaking of diverting someone’s attention to give them the slip:


(h/t:  FW Media)