An incisive article on Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm.  Shorter version:  George Lucas fired himself from making Star Wars movies, and it will probably be a good thing.   I’ll say that the original trilogy is still, in many respects, very dear to me – as stories, movies, and as significant designations in my life.  The prequels just spoiled it for me:  nothing but people in drapey robes standing around intoning how bad things are and will be, punctuated here and there by a lightsaber duel and a bunch of ships flying around in space blowing shit up.

Lucas did a smart thing by handing off Empire and Jedi to others to write and direct.  Any future Star Wars movies involving other creative teams (hand one off to Christopher Nolan and is Syncopy team – imagine how that would look!) would, I think, would rebuild trust in the franchise and give us great stories – and great movies – once again.