What’s an L-7?  Well, make an “L” with the thumb and forefinger of your left hand.  Then make a backwards “L” with the same fingers of your right hand and flip it around.  There’s your L-7.  Now place them together, so that the tips of each finger and thumb are touch each other.  What shape do you see?  Okay, it’s a rectangle, but back in the beatnick days, when someone was described as an L-7, that meant he (or she) was a square.

Cool thing about squares, though, is that they’re the ones who get things done.  They’re the ones coding their skinny asses off in a florescent cubicle hell or burning their fingers on a soldering iron while assembling a chip board that will let you send video from your watch to a TV set halfway around the world.

Sippican Cottage pays tribute to Dave Brubeck:  the Granddaddy of Cool for all L-7s, who:

“accomplish most everything notable in the world. The hipsters crib from the work the squares do, to achieve their ill-deserved notoriety. The squares invent the moldboard plow, turn the earth deeply, and feed the world with their crops. The hipsters later keep windowboxes full of plastic flowers. No one will remember Lady Gaga in a hundred years. My grandchildren will play Dave Brubeck records.”

Money quote:

What would you do if you were a pianist, fresh out of school? You’d smoke French cigarettes that smell like ass and affect some sort of accent and wear a beret and drink wine outta bottles in a basket and so forth. Dave joined Patton’s Third Army. That’s what squares do — what needs doing.

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