Media group content chief in Ohio has instituted a zero tolerance for typos.

Reminds me of when my graduate thesis was scoured over by an alleged eagle-eye proofer before it could be accepted by the university. It was a process I sweated through because I would have to retype an entire page if only one typo was found on it. After five typos, the entire manuscript would have to be retyped. It went through with no problems, was published by the university, stored and cataloged in the library, and I stored my original copy in a stationery box.

A few years later, I found it while digging through my file cabinet, and showed it to the woman I was dating. She looked at the first page and said, “You know there’s a typo here, right?”

I looked in disbelief at the inverted “teh” right on the abstract page. But four years had already passed.  The typo was set. And I hardly think anyone has wanted to check it out for insightful research, typo or not.

But in case you’re interested. . .

(h/t: Instapundit)