Saw these folks three years ago when they opened for Matt Nathanson in Nashville at the Cannery Ballroom.  Sad part of it was that it was two days after my father died and one day before his visitation at the funeral home.  My wife and a friend of ours drove down on a Saturday afternoon and didn’t roll back into town until nearly 6:00 AM the next morning.  Dad’s visitation started at 1:00 PM.

This song, however, is a lovely blend of acoustic pop and harmonies.  It’s personally hard to separate it from the events of the days before and after we saw them perform.  Still, it’s fitting because my dad was a fireman at one time – right after he returned home from WWII – and I can tell that my mom’s heart is still on fire for him.


And here’s more, in case you’re interested.  I also dedicate this to my parents and the 68 years of marriage they shared.