See if you recognize these 17 signs.  I’d like to add that I still listen to a song, figure out its time-signature, and, in a subconscious action I haven’t rid myself of in more than 40 years,  catch myself conducting it with subtle hand movements.  I can figure out where a key change happens (Tower of Power’s lovely “So Very Hard to Go” is has them, and the “Theme from Jonny Quest” has one every eight measures!), and can tell where the time signature changes, even for just one measure.

And the behaviors can be passed down.  My daughter will be drum major for her band in the upcoming marching season.

And, yeah, we really don’t appreciate the American Pie “this one time at band camp” thing at all.  Not. At. All.  Between marching and playing and playing and marching and eating, you rarely had five minutes to yourself at band camp to stick anything anywhere, except your mouthpiece to your lips.