Make Yourself the Butt of the Joke

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And four other ways to use humor effectively in the workplace.


The Best Cities for Freelancing

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And my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky is one of them. 

The Key Factor in Freelancing and Consulting

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Hustling. And, no, not the kind you’re probably thinking of. Because the world belongs to those who hustle.

How To Know if Your Freelance Gig is Bad

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There are five ways, all listed here.


A Lesson in Creative Loafing

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The Art of Not Working at Work. 

For me, I have it down to a precise science.

(h/t: Instapundit)

Do You Loathe Business Jargon?

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Then Unsuck-It is the place for you. Get the most overused business terms translated and become part of the clear language guerilla team that wants to erase “reach out” and other hackneyed phrases from basic business communication.

How The Desk Changed in 34 Years

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It was gradual, but, hey, at least its cleaner, right?

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