Make Yourself the Butt of the Joke

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And four other ways to use humor effectively in the workplace.


Good News for 1099ers

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But bad news for full-timers. Employers Are Hiring More Freelancers to Avoid Obamacare.

The Best Cities for Freelancing

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And my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky is one of them. 

Loneliness Is A Cloak You Wear

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That’s what the Walker Brothers sang almost 50 years ago.  And they unknowingly described a freelance’s life.

But take a look here to find some ways to shed that cloak every once in a while.

UPDATE: and for those who are curious about the Walker Brothers song from which the title of this post comes:

Make Your Clients Look Good

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There are 10 ways to do that.

(h/t: the good folks at Design Shack)

The Manly Way to Work at Home

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From our friends at The Art of Manliness, with the added curveball: working from home with kids.

The Key Factor in Freelancing and Consulting

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Hustling. And, no, not the kind you’re probably thinking of. Because the world belongs to those who hustle.

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