Students Off the Rails and on a Crazy Train

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Too busy checking with Facebook to be checking into some intellectual curiosity? These veteran academics think so.

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Your Friday Dose of Bad Lip Reading

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This one featuring Yoda. And just remember, “When the time is right, birds will bite your face.”

Have a grand weekend.

Tool Time!

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Just like the stuff that appears in the Harbor Freight Tools circulars (and actually just might be).



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You Should Be Dancin’

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At least that’s what Arthur Murray believed. Today marks the 123rd birthday of the professional dancer who created the chain of dance studios that still bear his name. His slogan was “If you can walk, you can dance.”

Little known fact: his daughter Jane married Dr. Henry Heimlich, creator of the anti-choking maneuver that bears his name (like his father-in-law’s studios) and has saved countless lives.

So in honor of Mr. Murray, you really should be dancin’.

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A Reminder of The Rules

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Don’t know why people always forget these. . .

Where the Bucks Are in Higher Ed

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Apparently it’s in non-tenure-track research.

Lessons From a Master

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Take a look at David Mamet’s 9 Brilliant Lessons from the writing staff memo he wrote during the run of The Unit, a TV show he created, produced, and often wrote for.

And, sorry, there are no references to Glengarry Glen Ross in the list. Only in the lame title of this post.

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